Gastronomy and Tourism Festival From November 11-13 in Kozani


The Region of Western Macedonia will organise the Gastronomy and Tourism Festival on November 11-13 in the city of Kozani, with the goal of promoting traditional products of the area such as the saffron, wild mushrooms, beans and pies.
“Our region is proud of its beans and peppers, its mushrooms, wines, and saffron. We will offer these products to customers and promote Central Macedonia,” the president of the Tourism Organization of Western Macedonia Panagiotis Kottas said to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency’s radio station Praktorio 104.9 FM.

The Festival aims to promote the region of Western Macedonia as an important gastronomy and tourist destination. In an effort to showcase the Greek products in foreign markets, Italian, Turkish, Romanian and Serbian journalists have been invited to the festival.

(Source: ANA-MPA)


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