Thank the Ancient Greek Goddess Selene for Tonight’s Supermoon!

elias-chasiotis-img_6120_1338872061_lg-full-strawberry-moon-over-ancient-greek-temple-poseidon-sounio-greece-5june-20121November 14 is the date to save if you wish to witness a supermoon, where the full moon is its closest to the Earth that it has been for the past 69 years.

It’s worth noting that scientists say that a supermoon like this won’t happen again until 2034, so don’t pass up this chance to witness this beautiful and mysterious close encounter with the moon.

There are various beliefs about the moon in different cultures, but perhaps one of the best known is the ancient Greek myth of the Goddess Selene, who is known for pulling the moon across the night skies with her in her silver chariot drawn by two-winged horses.

Of course, Selene doesn’t make this trip on her own as she is always accompanied by with her siblings Helios and Eos, the sun and dawn respectively, which means that the time you have to witness this beautiful phenomena is limited as her siblings will not sit idle for long.


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