ELTRUN Survey: Greeks Still Not Convinced on Buying Goods Via E-Supermarkets

online shoppingA recent survey by the E-Business Research Center (ELTRUN) of Athens University of Economics and Business revealed that Greeks are still not overly enthusiastic about buying supermarket goods online, as only 25 percent of Greeks engage in purchasing from e-supermarkets.

The reluctance of consumers to purchase from e-supermarkets is not stopping new markets from popping up online, as just a few days ago a new site called yoda.gr opened its virtual doors to Greek consumers.

ELTURN’s survey showed that only one in four Greeks regularly buy products from online supermarkets while 75 percent of Greeks are still not convinced enough to shop online, although the number of consumers purchasing via e-supermarkets is slowly growing.

The survey shows that the 75 percent that are not thrilled purchasing products via e-supermarkets, 30 percent do so rarely and the remaining 45 percent never purchase groceries online.

Many of the goods that people buy from e-supermarkets are goods such as toiletries and non-perishable goods.


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