Thessaloniki Port Authority Tender Will Sell-off Entire 67% Stake, Sources Report

Thessaloniki portAlthough the original plan for selling off a portion of the Thessaloniki Port Authority (OLTH) was to reallocate only 51 percent of the stakes and to sell off the remaining 16 percent at a later date, sources have reported the draft contract forwarded to those involved in the tender says that all 67 percent is up for grabs and will be conceded immediately to the winning bidder.

Other clauses for the privatization project in the drafted contract specify the investment of 180 million euros within a seven-year period.

At this time, officials close to the privatization project are hopeful that bids for the Athens-listed cooperation will have a set deadline for January 2017.

The short-list of those still interested in the bidding for the port corporation are Dubai Ports World, Mitsui from Japan, International Container Terminal Services from the Philippines and Deutsche Invest, sources report.


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