Greek Marinas Association Protest Government’s New Mooring Tax Plans

marinaStavros Katsikadis, president of the Greek Marinas Association (GMA) has been very outspoken about a new mooring tax that will potentially drive foreign-owned vessels to dock their yachts at other country’s marinas.

The new mooring tax the government is debating over could see a rise in costs for as much as 60 percent the annual cost of the berth, sources report.

Katsikadis is concerned that the new mooring tax could also have a direct as well as indirect impact on jobs and taxes in the shipping sector, as other countries in the EU have seen from similar tax laws. For example, Italy had similar measures instated in 2010 and saw more the 40,000 boats leave their marinas as a result.

This increase comes on the heels of the restoration of luxury taxes on yachts to 13 percent this year as well as new additional charges on marina services which have all caused concern for Katsikadis regarding the sustainability of the sector.


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