Important Ancient Macedonian Monument in Thessaloniki Open to Public

The bicameral Macedonian tomb from 4th-3rd century BC bearing the name “Makridis Bey” — after the Ottoman architect who discovered it — is open to the public.

The burial monument at Derveni, in the Thessaloniki prefecture, was discovered in 1910, two years before the liberation of the city from the Ottomans. It belongs to the ancient Liti, one of the greatest cities of the Macedonian Kingdom. However, it was left unattended, subject to the wear and tear for over a century.

In 2011, one hundred years after the publication of the findings from Makridis Bey, the restoration project began, with a budget of 1.2 million euros. Now it is an official Thessaloniki monument.

Dated at the end of the late 4th and early 3rd century BC, the tomb entrance is a 15-meter corridor that leads to a monumental facade of Ionian style and ends in a marble sarcophagus in the burial chamber. The monument is of exceptional architecture and its dimensions are 10m X 8m. According to archaeologists, it was built by wealthy veteran soldiers of Alexander the Great after their return from the campaign in the East.


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