Major Companies Pull Products From Greek Supermarkets Following Anarchists’ Threat to Poison Beverages

A post on an unknown extreme anarchists‘ website to poison beverages on the shelves of Greek supermarkets on December 19 was not just an empty threat but instead is being classified as “quite significant” by Greek Authorities.

The statements on the website said that many big-name brands’ beverages had been tampered with — by inserting chlorine and hydrochloric acid — and placing the items back on the shelves for retail.

The anti-terrorism department as well as the Food Control Agency was mobilized and many of the named companies whose products were targeted decided to be proactive and pull their products from the shelves of supermarkets in Athens before any potential tragedy could strike.

Among those corporations are products like Coca-Cola Light, Nestea Ice Tea, and Pummaro. Also fish milk from the Greek Company Delta was named on the site and has been pulled from the shelves.

On the website the anarchists specifically named the products and brands impacted by the tampering, further stating that their goal was to “sabotage” the companies and not harm consumers.

“By targeting the marketing profile of these big corporations, we seek to deal an economic blow against them,” the statement said.


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