XMAS Message About the Cyprus Talks

There are other solutions than to break up the territorial integrity of Cyprus. Because the failed United Nations that serves western interests, voted in support of the racist and apartheid-style Bi-zonal, Bi-communal Federation (BBF) it does not mean it’s the correct solution for the island. It may well be convenient for the UN, the EU and others but the permanent partition of Cyprus through Turkey’s military invasion is not right and one should never accept that Might is Right. Under international law it’s a crime and one of invasion and occupation and should be treated so!

Stop the BBF talks now before its too late and seek out other effective ways to resolve issues between both communities and not accept the break up of the nation at next month’s Geneva BBF negotiation. Equality with one-man-one vote it’s the only way forward; all else would fail and trigger a social turmoil never experienced before! It could in fact bring down the government and cause social chaos with unforeseeable consequences.

If the Anastasiades government insists on imposing an unworkable solution, thousands of Cypriots would start a tsunami with a mass migration abroad. Fearful of the eventual radical Islamization of their ancient Greek island betrayed by petty-politicians and a misguided President they would not stick around to find out.

There are dangerous signs in clear view to all where Europe is heading. Dealing with the ISIS barbarities and Turkey’s Neo-Ottomanism entering Europe, the EU is now ready to make radical changes and take measures to defend its citizens; why open the floodgates to those same dangers in Cyprus for the sake of political expediency? Who would protect Cyprus?

Turkey’s Sultan Erdogan plans to import over one million Sunni Muslims from Turkey in the occupied area. Those aspirations are not far-fetched or fables but were official Turkish public statements – only a fool can not see what will happen next!


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