Holy Synod of the Church of Greece: Sorras Has Launched ‘Dubious, Intensely Nationalistic, Anti-Church’ Movement

The Holy Synod of the Church of Greece has spoken out against the clerics who have been appearing on Greek television channels supporting the nationalist political group led by Artemis Sorras called Convention of Greeks, saying that the individuals are not priests as far as the Church is concerned.

According to statements made in a circular, the Church has condemned Sorras and his group as “dubious, intensely nationalistic, anti-Church.”

Convention of Greeks is currently under investigation for not paying social insurance dues or state taxes by the Supreme Court of Greece.

Sorras, a self-proclaimed billionaire, was previously taken to an Athens misdemeanor court in 2013 for stating false claims to having personal access to billions of euros that would help Greece exit the financial crisis that has been gripping the country for several years.


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