Piraeus Metropolitan Seraphim Sued for Homophobic Comments on TV

Piraeus Metropolitan Seraphim is sued and wanted by Greek authorities after a lawsuit was filed against him by human rights and gay groups.

Specifically, the Greek Helsinki Monitor and Athens Pride have sued the clergy man for racial discrimination and homophobic comments, after Seraphim spoke on a television show on Friday.

“Homosexuality is a tragedy. A sexual tragedy. It is a psychopathological aberration,” was one of the comments Seraphim made, calling homosexual priests “criminals.”

After that, the metropolitan compared homosexuality with bestiality and pedophilia, causing a heated reaction from the show host, who said: “How can you say that? Compare homosexuality with pedophilia and bestiality?”

After a teacher called on the telephone and intervened, the metropolitan became so enraged that he threw his microphone and headphones and left the teleconference.

Based on the complaint lodged against him, the Piraeus Metropolitan is charged with violation of Law 927-79 for punishable acts or activities aiming at racial discrimination and racial hatred, according to Greek Helsinki Monitor representative G. Kounalis.


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