Der Speigel: IMF Participation in Greek Bailout Probable Near 5 Billion

The IMF will participate in the third package for Greece in the amount of five billion euros, Der Speigel magazine reported on Friday.

Initially, in the summer of 2015, it was decided that the amount to be released in the third package would be closer to 16 billion euros. Last week after a prolonged dispute with the Europeans, the IMF is likely to actively participate in the program in exchange for achieving a primary surplus of 3.5%. Originally the Fund rejected the participation in the 86 billion euro program, as it considered a surplus of 1.5% to be more realistic.

Creditors are hoping that there will be rapid agreement and acceptance of the terms by Athens, given that the elections in the Netherlands and France might, depending on the outcome, hinder the continuation of the program, says the German magazine.


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