Turkish Navy Carries Out Gunnery Exercise Near Greek Island

Turkish patrol boat “Kusadasi” violated Greek waters and carried out a gunnery exercise two miles east of Greek island Farmakonisi on Friday morning, leaving after the appearance of a Greek Navy gunboat.

The Turkish Navy warship started fire with real ammunition near the Greek island around 7:30 am. The fire was shot at an easterly direction, away from Farmakonisi. The neighboring country navy had issued a Navtex earlier.

Greek gunboat “Nikiforos” rushed to the area and sent out the message that the Turkish warship was violating Greek territorial waters and didn’t have permission to carry out the exercise with real shots.

The Turkish ship sailed away in a northern direction after completing the exercise.

Greece’s Ministry of Defense said in a statement that, “All necessary steps have been taken.”

See the Turkish Navtex below:


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