Cyprus Gov’t Spokesman: ‘Hot Situation’ Predicted by Greek Defense Ministry Is False

The Greek Defense Ministry in an announcement earlier, predicted that there will be a “hot situation” with Turkey in the territorial waters of Cyprus in June when French gas company Total begins extracting natural gas.

Sources of the Pentagon stated “There is speculation that there may be an incident, military activity by the Turkish forces when they start mining.” The defense ministry also added that the Turks have done this in the past by sending out research ship Barbara.
Nicosia Says Claims are False
Nicosia was rather irritated with these claims and said that the prediction of a “hot situation” in Cyprus next June, is bogus.
Asked to comment on the specific information published a few hours ago, Cyprus government spokesman Mr. Nikos Christodoulides, said there is no such information or assertions confirmed. Mr. Christodoulides spoke via telephone with Greece’s Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias, in order to obtain assurance that Athens does not address such scenarios.

However, Cyprus said that there is no cause for concern, as the Armed Forces are fully ready.Some so-called ‘episodes’ — air or sea space violations — are staged and have never happened. We are assertive in our responses and take the necessary actions and steps, only to the facts. The good thing is that the NATO forces are sailing in the Mediterranean to deal with refugee flows following the Turkish provocation. Turkish aircraft fly over the ships of NATO. The commanders of the European forces submit a daily report documenting Turkish activity in detail,” stressed sources from the Ministry of Defense.


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