Greek Police Suspect Serial Killer After Fatal Shooting of Taxi Driver

The killing of a 52-year-old cab driver in the early hours of Tuesday in northern Athens has led Hellenic Police to suspect that it might be the act of a serial killer who targets taxi drivers.

On Wednesday, Greek police told reporters that the fatal shooting of the cab driver in the Kifisia suburb bears a great resemblance to a similar criminal incident that occurred last month, when a taxi driver was shot in the neck while he was driving and survived.

Forensic experts are examining the bullet shell found near the vehicle to determine whether it came from the same gun used in the previous shooting incident. According to police, the weapon is a modified airgun, most likely with a silencer. The fact that the driver’s earnings were found untouched in both cases further supports the theory that the perpetrator is a serial killer.

Police said the 52-year-old driver was shot while the car was in motion. The vehicle continued its course and crashed into a parked car. The man was discovered by the driver of a passing bus who stopped to see why the taxi was blocking the road.


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