Gfk: Germans Booking Greece Instead of Turkey for Summer Vacations

Because of political and social turmoil in Turkey, Greece can expect to see an increase in holiday travelers from Germany this summer, the German market researcher GfK has reported.

Germans are booking more of their vacations in Greece than in Turkey as reservations have more than halved following the spree of terrorist attacks in Turkey in recent months. Gfk has reported that there was a 58% decline in January 2017 compared to last year.

Turkey’s political and social instability has resulted in a 67% rise in Germans’ summer bookings for Greece thus far into 2017 reservations. Greece has now replaced Turkey as German’s second most popular vacation spot, just after the Balearic islands Doerte Nordbeck, head of Travel & Logistics Germany at GfK, said to journalists at a news conference.


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