Demy to Sing ‘This Is Love’ Representing Greece at Eurovision 2017 (video)

On Monday evening Greeks tuned into the television airing of the final three songs contending to be the chosen song that Greek singer, Demy, will sing in representation of the country for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

After a panel of musicians and television viewers casted their votes during the live broadcast “Vote for the Song,” it was decided that “This is Love” will be the song that Demy will sing at the international music contest.

Fans were not so enthusiastic with “This is Love” at the beginning of  last week after a demo was leaked to the public. But the final composition of the song that aired won over fans and the panel of jurors as well.

Demy also presented her other two songs, “Angel” and “When Morning Comes Around.” All three of the entries are in English.


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