Convicted Artemis Sorras Sends Video Message: “I will Not Surrender” (video)

Wanted fraudster Artemis Sorras on Friday evening posted a video on Youtube saying that he will not surrender and asked his followers to rise and demand his exoneration.

On Friday morning, a Patras court convicted Sorras and his wife in absentia to eight years in prison without parole for money embezzlement. Sorras was sued by his best man for embezzlement of 50,000 euros.

On Friday evening, Sorras posted a 20-minute video where he talks about the controversy with his best man, makes jabs at the judiciary system and threatens that he will come back with details on the case that will prove his innocence.

At the same time, Sorras calls on Greeks to resist and continue their struggle against the corrupt status quo and the justice system. He also says that he will never surrender.



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