Greek Lawmakers Excluded From Pension Cuts Unlike Ordinary Greek Citizens

The pensions of members of parliament and elected local government officials are excluded from the cuts that apply under the bailout program.

According to an Eleftheros Typos newspaper report, former members of parliament and elected local government officials are not included in the provisions of the Social Security Act 4387, new pensions are calculated under this Act.

A PASOK lawmaker who was looking to find the method his future pension would be calculated, found that the 4387/2016 Act does not concern parliamentary pensions for the simple reason that it does not mention anything about the method of calculation for the particular group.

Further investigation showed that the same problem exists for elected local government officials, who are “absent” from the provision of the Act. Analysts say that the bill on pensions due to civil servants drafted by former labor minister Giorgos Katrougalos leaves out the two particular groups, meaning that they are excluded from pension cuts.


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