Athens Hosts First Ministerial Conference of ‘Ancient Civilizations Forum’

In Athens on April 24 the first Ministerial Conference of the 10 countries participating in the Ancient Civilizations Forum, also known as the GC10, will convene.

Greece, China, Egypt, Bolivia, India, Iraq, Iran, Italy, Mexico and Peru are participating in the conference which will mark the formal establishment of the Forum.

According to Greece’s Foreign Minister, Nikos Kotzias, the Forum is an opportunity to build a “positive agenda” for the multifunctional role that the country can play internationally.

Although the countries participating in the Forum come from different geographical areas and cultures, they are all considered cradles of ancient cultures and are coming together to discuss issues such as the “role of culture as a source of soft power and the key tool of a modern and multidimensional foreign policy,” the Independent Balkan News Agency reported.


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