Turkey Issues Navtex Hours After Greece-U.S.-Israel Joint Exercise

Only hours after the completion of the trilateral naval exercise Noble Dina 2017 in the Eastern Mediterranean, with the participation of Greece, the U.S. and Israel on Thursday, Turkey issued a navtex saying that Turkish research vessels will conduct scientific exploration in Greek waters.

Greek military authorities are on high alert as the navigational telex says that seismic research vessels will sail in a region stretching from the eastern Aegean islands of Lesvos and Chios down to Icaria in the central Aegean on Friday and Saturday.

This is another Turkish provocation, showing that Ankara is openly disputing Greece’s territorial sovereignty in the Aegean.

Meanwhile, on Thursday afternoon Turkish F-16 fighter jets entered Greek airspace over Lesvos and were chased away by Greek aircraft. At the same time, a Turkish SH-70 Seahawk helicopter violated Greek national air space.


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