Greek Woman Expects Twins after Treatment that Reverses Menopause

A 40-year-old Greek woman who could not have children, is now expecting twins after having experimental treatment that could reverse the menopause, a Daily Mail report says.

The woman was diagnosed with congenital ovarian failure. However, she underwent a new treatment said to rejuvenate the reproductive organs by injecting blood plasma into the ovaries and womb.

Nine days after the PRP injection treatment, the woman conceived and is now ten weeks pregnant. Two women who were thought to be infertile became pregnant through the technique.

The platelet-rich plasma injected into the ovaries has been used to stimulate the growth of tissue and blood vessels in damaged bones and muscles. But it has not been shown to work in ovaries before.

If the success of the treatment is confirmed, women could remain fertile for longer, and those who go through early menopause would have chances to conceive.

According to Dr. Kostantinos Sfakianoudis, the director of the Athens clinic where the technique is used, around 180 women had the treatment so far. Some with the hope of getting pregnant and others to alleviate menopause symptoms.

Dr. Sfakianoudis told the Daily Mail that many of the women had stopped having periods, but the treatment helped them recover this and also helped their hormone levels to improve.

The doctor said that he plans to carry out trials of his treatment in Greece and the U.S.



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