Naxos Seeks to Play Leading Role in Sports Tourism

The island of Naxos is expected to play a leading role in sports tourism ahead of the first Naxos Trail to take place on April 30.

“Tourist organizations of the island and the region of Southern Aegean have welcome the initiative,” Christina Kouri, a spokesperson of the organizing company said adding that hotel owners have offered their rooms in order to meet the accommodation needs during the event.

More than 200 persons have expressed interest, Kouri noted. Some parallel events have also been planned aiming to familiarize the visitors with the culture and archaeological sites of the island.
The events will start on April 29 and wrap up on May 1.
Naxos Trail includes:
Apollon Race • 25km
The main route has the name of God Apollo who, according to mythology, was worship in three different places in Naxos.
Dionisos Race • 10.8km
The route is dedicated to the God Dionysus. According to legend, he grew up and lived on Naxos and was raised in the “bad cave” of Koronos. He married Ariadne, daughter of King Minos, whom he met and fell in love with in Naxos.
(source: ana-mpa)


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