Greek Authorities Investigate Turkish National Stranded on Aegean Islet

Greek authorities are investigating a Turkish national found stranded on the Nimos islet in the southeastern Aegean on Wednesday.

According to the Port Authority of Symi island, the 27-year-old man claims he is a lawyer and produced legal documents that show he can travel to Greece and Europe. The man was rescued by a Symi Port Authority boat and local fishermen.

Authorities suspect that the man might be a spy, as the islet of Nimos has military significance. There is also the suspicion that the man might had been involved in the July 2015 failed coup attempt and fled Turkey after the victory of Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday’s referendum.

The 27-year-old claims he gave a human trafficker 2,500 euros to transport him to Greece, but the fact that he was traveling alone on the boat raises suspicions.

National Intelligence Service (EYP) has been called to investigate the Turkish national, who has not given a convincing explanation of how he ended up on the rocky islet.


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