Hellenic American Chamber of Tourism: Greece Expecting 900,000 U.S. Visitors in 2017

The amount of visitors Greece is expecting from the US in the 2017 holiday season is expected to reach over 900,000, according to the president of the Hellenic American Chamber of Tourism (HACT), George Trivizas.

The U.S. market is an important one for tourism in Greece as it is the world’s second biggest market in terms of spending, with over $121.5 billion reported last year — second only to that of China’s $261.1 billion.

Trivizas says that Greece should expect an increase from 778,600 U.S. citizens who visited in 2016 to 900,000 in 2017, meaning that revenues which dropped some 22.8 percent in 29016 are expected to rise to 727.9 million euros in 2017.


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