EU-Turkey Migrant Deal: Greece Returns 60 Rejected Asylum Seekers to Turkey

In agreement with the EU-Turkey migrant deal, 60 rejected asylum seekers in Greece have been returned to Turkey.

According to, the 60 migrants had snuck into Greece from Turkey in efforts to try to get to other European countries.

There were 56 Pakistani nationals, three Bangladeshi nationals and one Nepalese national who were returned to Turkey by FRONTEX, the EU border agency. The migrants had been on the Greek island of Kos, a migrant hotspot, and upon their asylum rejection, they were boarded into a ship which arrived at Turkey’s port of Güllük.

With over 60,000 refugees bottle-necked in Greece, living in overcrowded migrant reception centers throughout the county, the EU-Turkey deal was put into place in April 2016 to try to curb the inflow of migrants crossing the Aegean Sea from Turkey to Greece. The EU deal states that if an asylum seeker’s request is rejected in Greece that the individual may be sent back to Turkey, however, thus far only 1,074 migrants have been returned.


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