Local Mayors Across Greece Outraged at Minister Skourletis’ Insistence on Extending Seasonal Contracts

Greece’s interior minister, Panos Skourletis, is insisting that municipal mayors extend the contracts of seasonal workers until the end of 2017, something which local mayors across the country are speaking out against.

Skourletis’ insistence to extend the local contract hires is not only against the constitution which states that the contracts cannot be extended after a 24-month-period, but it is also threatening to put even more strain on municipal budgets.

“They can do whatever they want. Skourletis cannot decide what I do in my own municipality,” Vassilis Kyritsis, the mayor of Kassandra told Kathimerini, adding, “By forcing me to extend the contracts of 60 cleaning workers, the minister is burdening the Kassandra Municipality with an additional 1.2 million euros, and is making us pay for unskilled workers we simply don’t need.”

“In the summer we have 600,000 people here and there is a great need for seasonal workers. But what do I do with them in the winter?” he said.


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