Seven in Ten Greek High School Students Consider Studying Abroad

Seven in ten Greek high school students consider studies abroad, says a survey conducted by professors of the University of Macedonia.

Specifically, 44% of participants expressed a strong intention to study abroad and 33% have a modest intention to do so. Only 23.7% of participants said they choose Greek higher learning institutions. The 373 students sampled in the survey were 15-18 years old, all students of Thessaloniki high schools from low to medium income neighborhoods.

Furthermore, 76% of respondents who study in three of the four experimental high schools of Thessaloniki said that they are seriously considering the option to leave Greece and study in a foreign university.

The study comes in light of a recent survey according to which about 140,000 scientists left Greece to work abroad during the economic crisis. According to the study, most Greek scientists who emigrated have more than one degree, postgraduate and doctoral. In particular, 73% hold a postgraduate degree, 51% a doctorate degree and 41% at least one degree from one of the 100 best universities in the world.


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