Eurovision 2017: Greece Close to Top 10 Favorites to Win After First Rehearsal (Video)

Following the first rehearsal of Demy’s Eurovision entry “This Is Love,” wiwibloggs has placed Greece just outside of their top 10 favorites to win.

Demy’s rehearsal was “stellar” according to which also said that the odds of Greece winning Eurovision 2017 have soared as the performance was well put together and impressive.

“Her team has given the somewhat generic ‘This Is Love’ new life through a technical feast of stage elements and some stunning backing dancers who portray swans. She rises on an elevating platform, dancers pound the floor in puddles, and an LED screen with a reverse waterfall takes center stage. Demy also floats like a Greek goddess to the sky.”

You can check out Demy’s interview after the rehearsal to see what her thoughts were on her team’s performance!


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