Burglars Steal Expensive Medical Equipment From Athens Hospital

A burglary at the Agios Savvas Hospital in Athens in the early morning hours on Monday left the clinic with several pieces of expensive medical equipment missing.

The staff who started their shift at 7 am found that the gastroenterological and pulmonological clinics on the first floor were burglarized and several pieces of costly medical equipment were stolen.

The director of the gastroenterology clinic Dimitris Xinopoulos told Skai television that the perpetrators “knew people and things” and that it wasn’t a random burglary. Xinopoulos said that the burglars stole expensive gastroscopes, colonoscopes and other medical equipment.

According to the first estimates by Agios Savvas Hospital officials, the value of the stolen goods is about 400,000 euros.

Police are conducting an investigation to identify the perpetrators, while the hospital administration will carry their own investigation and take disciplinary measures.


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