Turkish Authorities Arrest Three Soldiers Who Allegedly Fled to Greece

Turkish authorities on Monday arrested three wanted soldiers who had allegedly participated in the coup attempt and had fled to Greece.

The arrest was made in Edirne, a city close to the Greek border. Turkish press reports said that the two men were located near the Greek-Turkish border while trying to illegally enter Greece.

According to the reports, the three wanted soldiers were part of a group of five who had fled to Greece to escape arrest as they were involved in the failed coup attempt last July. The other two were arrested in Orestiada — near the border — on February 15.

The two soldiers remain detained in Greece until their asylum claim will be examined, while the Turkish authorities have urged Greece to proceed with their expulsion with a letter to the Foreign Ministry. The soldiers refuse that they had anything to do with the coup attempt.

Greek lawyers involved in the case claim that the three soldiers who were arrested in Edirne, were together with the two Turkish soldiers arrested in Orestiada. All five had entered Greece illegally on February 15 to seek asylum. They also say that after arriving in Orestiada, three of them boarded a bus to Thessaloniki and since then their trails had been lost.

Greek authorities, however, have never confirmed the presence of the three Turkish soldiers in Greece. The Ministry of Citizen Protection announced that it is a “myth” that they entered Greece and then disappeared.


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