15 Members of Migrant Smuggling Gang Receive Prison Sentences From Greek Court

One of the largest migrant smuggling gangs in northern Greece which has been active since July 2014 has received a blow from the authorities as a Greek court has sentenced 15 of the gang’s smugglers to prison.

The 15 individuals sentenced received varied prison terms from three to 17 years, and the smugglers received a total fee of 1,500 euros, ekathimerini.com reported.

The gang was smuggling migrants from the Vardari area of Thessaloniki to the border of Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) where the migrants would then head to Serbia and Western Europe.

One of the leaders of the gang was arrested in England in 2014 after he was discovered entering the country hiding in a truck. He is appealing a request to extradite him to face punishment in Greece. The FYROM-Serbia smuggling route was dubbed the “route of Jamal the Palestinian” after him.


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