Agios Efstratios Declares Emergency Over Locust Swarms

    The Greek island of Agios Efstratios declared a state of emergency on Friday due to an ongoing seasonal locust plague, officials said.

    Much of the plant life in the Aegean Sea island, which is home to about 200 residents, has been devoured by the locust swarms. Stella Spanou, a local administrator, told BBC News that sheep have even starved due to the lack of foliage.

    The island, located about 20 miles from the island Lemnos, has one village where Spanou said the chemicals cannot be used. The locust swarms are not thought to be migratory.

    Greece’s General Secretariat for Civil Protection declared the emergency Wednesday night at the request of the North Aegean Region due to the insect troubles.
    (Source: UPI)


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