Four-Day Nationwide Strike Called by Local Authority Staff Unions

    Municipal services throughout the country are set to shut down for four days, from Saturday until the following Tuesday, due to strike action announced by local authority staff unions demanding permanent jobs for local government contract workers and municipal nursery employees.

    Municipal authorities have appealed to local residents and businesses to avoid putting rubbish out onto the street until the strike ends, while scheduled sports and cultural events have been cancelled.

    The local authority staff trade union federations POP-OTA and POE-OTA decided to call their members out on strike on Saturday and Sunday, while POE-OTA also called a 48-hour strike on Monday and Tuesday.

    Meanwhile, municipal nursery and day-care center staff are planning a protest rally in Syntagma Square next Monday at 11 a.m. and contract workers will gather outside the offices of POE-OTA on Karaiskaki Square in protest on Tuesday at 9 a.m..
    (Source: ANA-MPA)


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