Turkish President: EU Backs Greece but Not Turkey

The European Union favors Greece and has Turkey “waiting for 54 years” for its accession, said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Thursday.

According to an Ant1 television report, Erdogan was speaking at an event of Turkish industrialists claiming that the EU is not supportive of Turkey while at the same time makes concessions to Greece to keep the country afloat. The Turkish president said that Greece is 400 billion euros in debt, yet the EU supports the country.

The Turkish president proceeded saying that the EU is having Turkey wait for 54 years for its accession.

“If they want us to join, let’s join. We are sorry, but we will not beg. You (the EU) have to do what is good for Turkey,” Erdogan said, adding that EU officials must proceed with a fair approach to Turkey, and the country will respond in turn.


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