Archbishop Ieronymos: No Rift Between Church and State

Relations between Church and State are good and there is no rift between them, Archbishop of Athens and All of Greece Ieronymos said on Tuesday.

Speaking to reporters in the town of Makrynitsa in Serres, the Archbishop said that Church and State have “distinct roles” and that relations with the government are “very good.”

When asked about the problems that arose with the ministry of education and the disagreement over the lesson of religion at schools, Ieronymos said that there were disagreements and problems, but not a rift. “But there are problems within families as well,” the Archbishop said characteristically.

“We frequently hear of a separation [between Church and state], but separate from what?” he asked. “The Church is a place of freedom, and whoever wants to leave is free to do so and if he/she regrets it, they can always return.”


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