Bishop of Fthiotida Orders Ban on Decorations at Weddings and Baptisms for the Region

Earlier this month the metropolitan bishop of Fthiotida ordered a ban on wedding and baptism decorations inside and outside of the region’s churches saying that the costly and tacky decorations are a sign of disrespect to the Church.

“The above is not an exhortation or a recommendation, it is an order which you are all duty-bound to comply with,” Bishop Nikolaos said as he announced the ban in a circular which was given to the priests under his jurisdiction.

He went on to make comments about the tough economic times and the over-spending on extravagant wedding and baptism ceremony decorations.

“We see illuminated potted plants bedecked with ribbon and tulle, arches of fake flowers, children’s inflatable toys, figures from fairy tales and much more making up the decor of certain ceremonies and this is not only very costly, but is also provocative at such a time of economic constraint and a blatant sign of disrespect,” said the cleric, according to


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