Athens Retailers Reluctant to Open Stores on Sundays, Despite New Law

Athens retailers are reluctant to open their stores on Sundays, despite the fact that they can do so after the law that went into effect on May 21.

The new law 4427/2017 allows for retail stores in central Athens and tourist areas to be open on Sundays for six months of the year during tourist season. The opening of retail stores on Sundays is a prerequiste of Greece’s bailout program.

However, many chain retailers in central Athens prefer to stay closed because activists who oppose demonstrate outside their stores and don’t allow customers to go in and even enter stores and vandalize them.

According to a Kathimerini newspaper report, retail professionals complain that protesters stormed into shops on Ermou Street and in Omonia Square and hurled paint inside when those stores opened their doors on a Sunday. They stressed that they are blackmailed by retail employee unionists and activists into keeping their shops closed on Sundays.

There are several retail business who prefer to remain closed instead of suffering serious material damages and loss of prestige because of the attacks.



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