Hellenic Army Leading the Way to ‘Going Green’ With Electric Cars

The Hellenic Army is leading the way in Greece by deciding to turn to electric vehicles as a part of a wider “going green” plan — despite the fact that the country is lagging in installing “go green” initiatives.

According to euractive.com, Greece’s electrification is still in the early stages, meaning that a green solution for electric cars is in nothing more than a pilot level.

Not only is Greece not applying a program or directive to using electric vehicles, the country as a whole actually is lacking in a national action plan — meaning that they are not encouraging people to use electric vehicles and that there is not tax incentive plan in place.

This has not stopped the Hellenic Army to pioneer the way in using electric cars. Recently the army has purchased two electric cars used on a pilot basis as part of a wider plan by the Ministry of National Defense as they try to reduce their energy footprint.


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