Flashback to the Man who Brought 50,000 Ecstatic Greeks to the Streets (video)

Twenty nine years ago dozens of thousands of football supporters gathered in center of Piraeus in adulation for the new star signed by their beloved team.

Olympiakos Piraeus had put off a footballing coup by bringing to Greece one of the biggest stars at the time, the Hungarian midfielder Lagios Detari.

On July 13, 1988, more than 50,000 delirious fans gathered at Korai Square in Piraeus to welcome Detari whose signing cost the Greek club the astronomical amount of 1.1 billion drachmas.

Detari, wearing the famous red and white shirt of Olympiakos with the Number 10 on his back, came out in the balcony milking in the crowd’s applause.

He even managed to repeat in Greek the slogans shouted by the ecstatic supporters.

The Hungarian superstar played for two years for Olympiakos, scoring a total of 59 goals. His signing was — and still remains — the most lucrative in the history of Greek football.

The move from Germany to Greece was befuddling, to say the least, as the Greek club’s new owner George Koskotas, was a little too fond of embezzling.

Koskotas sits next to Detari

Koskotas was jailed in Massachusetts and charged with embezzling more than $200 million from the Bank of Crete.

He was paroled and released from prison on March 16, 2001. He had served 12 years of a 25-year sentence for embezzlement, forgery and obstruction of justice felonies.


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