Greece Requests 18 Month Suspension for Stricter Border Controls

The Greek Police (ELAS) sent a document to the European Commission, the European border agency Frontex and EU member states last week requesting another suspension of implementing new stricter border controls  — this time an 18-month delay. The tighter border controls are in accordance to amendments in March to the Schengen Border Codes.

The initial move of installing the stricter controls was in efforts to tighten the rules meant to be enforced within the Schengen area. The stricter rules impact citizens of third countries traveling in and out of the Schengen area as well as European Union citizens who are traveling by having them undergo detailed checks at the border. The rules came about in efforts to root out Islamic extremists traveling within the Schengen area.

ELAS said that they made the decision to suspend the new rules following serious travel delays at airports in Greece after the implementation of the stricter border controls at airports on April 7.

The only area of the country where the new rules will not be suspended is at the Greece-Turkey border station of Kipoi where jihadists have entered the country previously.


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