Half of Greeks Between 18-35 Financially Supported by Family

Almost half of young Greeks say that they are financially dependent on their parents or other close relatives, while only 15% expect to find work in the next six months, a new study shows.

Research carried by think-tank Dianeosis on youth unemployment and intergenerational relations in Greece is revealing the magnitude of the impact of high unemployment on young people.

As shown in the chart below, 48.2% of Greeks aged 18-35 say they are financially supported by their parents or other relatives. 44.5% say their income comes from their wage.

The same survey shows that only 15% of unemployed young people find it quite or very likely to find work in the next six months, while 41% say they are ready to move to another country to work.

Some other interesting findings of the research are:

  • 29% of young people believe that their standard of living will be worse than that of their parents. But 55% of their parents have the same opinion.
  • 41% of young people say they are willing to move to another country to find work, while 46% in another region of Greece.

Compared to the attitudes of their parents, the survey finds that younger people:

  • Declare more leftist political views and are far less religious
  • Have a slightly better level of education
  • Are less involved in voluntary or collective actions
  • Trust institutions less
  • Are less involved in cultural events


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