Thousands of Bottles of Tainted Alcohol Confiscated by Greek Police

Twenty-two people have been arrested at two different locations in Attica over the illicit production and distribution of contaminated alcohol.

Greek police say that they have confiscated 12 tonnes of ethanol used for the manufacture of alcoholic beverages that were imported illegally from Bulgaria by trucks in tanks covered with sawdust.

Police say that the illegal factories were distributing the tainted alcohol to bars in the tourist destinations at Zakynthos, Kerkyra, Crete and Athens.

The factories in Kamatero and Menidi were run by gangs who had established an elaborate trafficking network taking advantage of the increased demand over the summer period.

A tonne of ethanol costs about 32,000 euros in Greece, while in Bulgaria it costs 10 times less, about 3,000 euros.


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