Official Number of Asylum Seekers in Greece Rises to 62,407

The official number of asylum seekers in Greece came to 62,407 on Tuesday, according to data released on Wednesday by the Greek Defense Ministry’s Coordinating Body for the Management of the Refugee Crisis.

On the five Aegean islands that host refugee and migrant registration centers and camps there are currently 15,222 asylum seekers. Lesvos hosts the majority of them, 4,725 at the official state-run facility and 188 at other centers. Chios is second with 3,503 people, Samos is third hosting 2,414 asylum seekers.

Kos, that was recently hit by a deadly earthquake, accommodates 1,830 refugees and migrants in an official camp as well as another 1,048 people staying at other facilities. Finally, Leros hosts 865 refugees and migrants at an official camp and an additional 160 individuals in other facilities.

On the mainland, Defense Ministry data show that the vast majority of migrants and refugees are being hosted in and around Athens, amounting to 7,610 asylum seekers. Central Greece accommodates 3,356 asylum seekers, followed by Northern Greece with 3,192 individuals and Western Greece with just 150.


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