Heatwave Expected Across Greece, Starting this Weekend

The Greek Meteorological Service has issued a warning for extremely high temperatures across the country, starting this weekend through mid next week. The temperatures are expected to reach as high as 41C in the western part of Greece.

The hot weather – which is travelling from Africa across the Mediterranean – has led 26 European cities to issue weather warnings to residents and tourists.

Temperatures as high as 47C have been registered in Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Croatia and other parts of Europe.

For tomorrow, Saturday, the weather is expected warm with temperatures reaching 39C in the western parts, 38C in the north and 36C in Athens and the islands.

From Sunday on, temps are expected to rise to 40-41C all over the country, as the northern summer breeze will gradually disappear. The weather is expected to remain in heatwave mode until Wednesday, when the heat will gradually subside.

Eleven countries in the south-east of Europe have declared “dangerous” weather conditions for the coming days, including Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Croatia and Poland.


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