Greece Beats USA in Water Polo U20 World Championship

Greece’s Junior national team beat the USA on the third day of the 19th World Men’s Junior Water Polo Championship in Belgrade, making a big step to the tournament quarterfinal.

The match of the day saw a close battle between Greece and the USA team. The Greeks led throughout the encounter, but the USA didn’t let them celebrate too early. Greece was two goals ahead for almost the whole first half (2:0, 3:1, 4:2).

The USA couldn’t find a solution to shut down Charalampos Troulos, who scored all three goals for Greece in the 1st quarter (3:1). The Americans came close in the middle of the 3rd period (4:3), but until the end of this quarter Greeks went on 6:3.

Greece earned a new three-goal lead (7:4) 2:16 before the last buzzer. It wasn’t the end of the big battle. The USA managed to reduce the gap on 7:6 (at 40 seconds to the end). After that, Americans tried, with all their might and main, to steal the ball in the last attack of Greece.

But, 18 seconds to the end, Molthen was excluded, Greece got a new attack with an extra-man and kept the ball till the end. Greece achieved the 3rd win and made a big step to the quarterfinals.


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