Manchester Female Couple Stranded in Santorini Blame Easyjet

A female couple from Manchester celebrating their engagement in Santorini, are stuck on the Greek island after their flight was cancelled.

Katie Chandler, 25, and Rebecca Lamb, 27, were unable to fly on Monday after there was a shortage of cabin crew.

But despite initially being told a flight would be rearranged for the next day, they are still in Santorini and aren’t flying until tomorrow.

They will also be taken to Gatwick instead – roughly 220 miles from their original destination of Manchester Airport – and will have to make their own way back.

Ms Chandler said train tickets home cost them up to £400, which they can’t afford. In the meantime, the couple is stranded at a hotel on a hill ‘in the middle of nowhere’ – with no restaurant.

Speaking from Santorini, Ms Chandler, who is from Stoke, said: ‘We were at a five star hotel and we’d just got engaged, it was perfect. Now we’re at an absolute dump on a hill.

‘easyJet have pretty much ignored us and have offered no apology. We agreed not to fly because they promised us €400 in cash and a flight the next day.

‘Now we’ve no money and when we get to Gatwick we’ll have to buy our own train ticket. We’re supposed to be in work, the car is at Manchester Airport and we’d only paid to Monday.

‘We were having such a nice time. Our families had arranged a celebration for when we got back, but this has put a real dampener on it.’

On arrival, Ms Chandler said the manager knew nothing of their situation, before agreeing to give them one main meal each, with just four options to choose from.

‘It’s been horrible – I’ll never again fly with easyJet, even if they are the cheapest option,’ she added.

An easyJet spokesman said flight EZY1852 to Manchester had a reduced staff after a cabin crew member needed urgent medical assistance. That meant that, due to safety regulations, the flight had to carry fewer passengers.


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