Greece Second from Bottom in Teachers-Students Ratio in Europe

Greece has the second worst ratio of teachers to students in the EU, according to a new comparative study of European higher education institutions.

According to the Hellenic Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency (ADIP) the ratio in Greece is one teacher per 44.5 students.

Croatia has the worst performance among all countries, with a ratio of just one teacher per 74.5 students.

Greece’s low performance, says the study, is the result of the economic crisis and the cuts in funding for higher education institutions.

According to the data, in the EU as a whole, the ratio is one teacher per 15.6 students.

The best proportion of teachers/students is in two very small countries, Liechtenstein (1 / 8.5) and Malta (1 / 9.8).

Following on the list are Sweden (1 / 10.4), Norway (1 / 10.5), Denmark (1 / 11.2), Germany (1 / 12.7) and Portugal (1 / 13.9).

Another interesting finding in the data is that Greece has only 15,200 teachers in higher education, a much smaller number than in countries of similar size, such as Portugal (32,300), Belgium (28,600) and Sweden (34,100).


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