Arson Suspected Over Simultaneous Zakynthos Wildfires

Suspicions point to arson for the multiple wildfires that have erupted in Zakynthos over the last 72 hours.

At least 11 fires were recorded in the wooded hills of the popular Greek resort, most of them occurring simultaneously.

No injuries have been reported and authorities say that tourists are safe and well.

The mayor of Zakynthos Pavlos Kolokotsas speaks openly for arson. He said that he was certain that the multiple fires were the result of human activity.

“Investigations should begin first thing tomorrow morning,” Kolokotas said.

Suspicions were also raised by the General Secretary for Civil Protection, Yannis Kapakis who called the situation “abnormal”.

Speaking to ANA-MPA he said that “when firefighters were fighting two major fires, flames could spring up elsewhere, almost simultaneously, and even at points and times that cannot be attributed to an accident”.

On Sunday, dozens of firefighters, aided by planes and helicopters have been battling the flames.

A reconnaissance drone has also be deployed.


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