University Entrance Exams Results for 104,965 Greek Students Released

Greece’s Ministry of Education on Thursday put an end to the suspense and worry of over 100,000 families by releasing the results of the nationwide university entrance exams, in which 104,965 high school graduates took part.

The eagerly-awaited results with the lists of names of those who passed the exams will be posted at high schools across the country, but candidates can also check their marks on the ministry website.

The base points needed for entrance to Medical Schools went up, as there was greater demand. The demand for educators doubled this year, while in other schools there were mild fluctuations in the base points needed for entrance.

The base points for economics schools plummeted by 1,000 points. Overall, there was a drop in demand for sciences and technological schools.

According to ministry figures, a total of 104.965 students took the entrance exams this year, competing for 70.726 higher education spots – 43.758 at universities and 26.968 at technical colleges.


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