“Cyprus Continues with Oil & Gas Explorations Despite Turkish Provocations”

Cyprus continues with its oil and gas exploration activities despite Turkish provocations, the Cypriot government spokesman said. Cyprus will continue its activities in its Exclusive Economic Zone (ΕΕΖ) despite Turkish provocations, Nikos Christodoulides told CNA.

His comments came as Greek Cypriot daily “O Phileftheros(The Liberal) reported that Turkey issued on Friday two new navigational warnings (NAVTEX) binding an area 30 nautical miles south east from Pafos, within the Republic of Cyprus’ offshore blocks six and seven.

“Turkey continues its usual provocative tactics, violating the Republic of Cyprus’ area of responsibility, by carrying out aeronautical manoeuvres west of Pafos and our exclusive economic zone (EEZ), contrary to all principles of the law of the Sea and maritime safety,” the spokesman added.

(Source: CNA)


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